Deni Kiro


Deni Kiro, fashion and interior stylist, lives and works in London. With a versatile and eclectic taste,she produces editorial photo shoots, commercial catalogs and advertising campaigns, but also interior styling for private clients.

Following her experiences at renowned firms in the field of interior decoration and personal styling, she also works as a set designer creating product styling for fashion photo shoots. Her great expertise in dealing with clients such as Virgin Media, Etihad & Lexus, helped her build a solid understanding of fashion & brand consulting. Her work aims to combine an artistic and creative touch, imagination, reality, elegance and immaculate attention to detail. Whilst her in-depth research encompasses different styles the main influence remains art & the masters of the past, re-discovering them into modernised aesthetics. “Main tip I give to my clients is to dress the way they want to be addressed. I strongly believe that projecting the right image through your style can open many doors”. 

Have the opportunity to hire Deni for her services in:

  • Styling for Fashion Editorials, Beauty Editorials and Commercial advertising

  • image consulting for season trends

  • Developing style boards for look books, fashion shows and campaigns. 


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