Stylist and personal shopper with 8 years’ experience in fashion. Highly personable, with a great eye for style, Paulina has well-established relationships with photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists and hair stylists. Her experience has included fashion styling, personal styling, interior styling and visual merchandising. She also styled for advertising, commercial brands, and editorial publications. She assisted to: Ina Lekiewicz, Erica Matthews, Boo Attwood.

Her work was featured in international magazines such as Vogue Italia, Fused Magazine, HUF Magazine, Stell Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Promo Magazine, Noctis Magazine, Dry Minds Magazine, Solstice Magazine and Kaltblut Magazine.

She also worked at ITV and as a celebrity stylist for Vanessa Cruickshank (Channel 5 presenter).

Have The Opportunity To Hire Paulina For Her Expertise In

  • Styling for Fashion Editorials, Beauty Editorials and Commercial advertising

  • image consulting for season trends

  • Developing style boards for look books, fashion shows and campaigns. 

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