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We are not just an agency, we are a collective.

We are not just an agency, we are a collective.

Joining Frame Perfect

For Models:

Frame Perfect Management requires 6 clear photos of yourself: 

2 Head shots, 2 Full length shots & 2 Half body shots

Along with Your Measurements:






Cup Size:     

Chest size: (men only)                                              

Waist Size:                                               

Hip Size:                                                      

Shoe Size:                                                 

Dress Size: (women only)                                                

Hair Colour:                                          

Eye Colour:

Ethnic Background:


For Production Members: 

If you would like to join as a production member please email us your portfolio with your contact details. This will be reviewed and we will then contact you, if you are optioned, to discuss further details and the next stages.


Want To Become A Booker:

If you feel you have the creativity, the ambition & the determination as a Frame Perfect model booker and would like to join a team of like minded individuals, please get in touch with us


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